When you are on the road traveling around the world you will encounter a lot of new people. They can become your friend or remain a lost face in the crowd. Either way, how you choose to react can make a big difference in your travel experience.

Realizing this has changed the way that I react to complete strangers.

Call it my New York or Italian blood but it can be easy to pass by someone without saying excuse me and realizing that they might not be having a good day. We are human, sometimes we are rushed and the notion that your schedule is more important than anyone else can take presence in anyone. I want to change that habit.

I try to look at every stranger as if they could be a new long life friend, because after all, we’re all strangers before we become friends. It helps to shift from my old inner NY, “Watch it bro, I am walking here!” to something more compassionate, “Excuse me” or “Can I help you?” It is simple really, I just imagine how I feel when visiting a new city for the first time and act like how I wish strangers would welcome me.

A constant choice that you have in your daily life is the way that you choose to react to certain situations. You can either be the one helping to improve a situation or the person that is in too much of a hurry to even notice.

I always try my best to be kind and patient with complete strangers but when I am in a hurry, it can be easy to slip. So, I do everything I can to think before I react even when sprinting down the terminal trying to catch the train leaving in five minutes. If you are able, offer help and extend your spirit to someone and it may change their entire day and could possibly even progress into a lasting friendship.

Change the way you react to strangers and notice how strangers react to you. Everything you put out, you will always get back.


Happy travels!