If there is one thing that can change the way you look at life, it would be to travel more.  Traveling will show you a side of yourself that you never knew existed and you’ll be craving more.  Taking into consideration that there are thousands of tourist posts in the Philippines, choosing where to go can be quite challenging.  Trying to narrow down possible places could leave you with hundreds to choose from so let me make it easy for you.  If you are looking for an adventure and purely authentic cuisine, then I personally recommend visiting Pampanga!

Pampanga has much more to offer than the metropolis area of Manila which is primarily visited for its shopping or used as a transit city.  Visiting Pampanga is more than a mere retail therapy experience.  Pampanga is not just known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, but a place that offers several tourist spots to attract travelers. And if you are thrilled enough to visit Pampanga, make sure these places below are on your travel bucket list.

1. Museo Ning Angeles

Museo Ning Angeles is a museum that offers a wide selection of various artworks, dioramas, paintings, photos that represent the pride of Pampanga. And because of its historical ambiance, the National Museum of the Philippines acknowledged Museo Ning Angeles as the “important Cultural property of the Philippines.”  Nowadays, the museum continues to improve that would attract more visitors. It also features the town’s coffee beans and offers an exhibit hall where different cultural activities are held.

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2. Dinosaurs Island

As we all know dinosaurs have already been extinct thousands of years ago, but not with the minds of Kapampangans. Pampanga will take you back where dinosaurs such as t-rex, velociraptors and much more when they used to roam the earth.  And to give you more a closer experience, the animals also have animatronic features that give us the real sound and body movements just like the real dinosaurs have.  Dinosaurs Island is an ideal destination for educational tours and field trips.

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3. San Guillermo Church

San Guillermo Church is one of the oldest church in Pampanga. The church was buried half of its size when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991. The remnants of the church survived, but it took the Kapampangans years before they were able to restore back to its normal structure. And now, many locals and tourists visit the church in honor of its restoration.

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4. Deca Wakeboard Park

This is the place where extreme sports enthusiasts and swashbuckling wakeboard experts meet.  Deca Wakeboard Park has an enormous pool with ramps and cable wires that will make the sport more extreme and exciting.  No worries when you are a first-timer, there are instructors that provide basic 2-hour tutorials at the beginner’s pool – of course, that includes the gear.  Basically, you’ll first learn how to ride on your knees on the kneeboard. And as you become more comfortable, you’ll have to switch to the slipper board which requires you to do the standing position.

5.  Sandbox

Visiting Sandbox is one of the places you should never miss to visit in Pampanga.  This is a place where your family and friends can experience a unique way of having an outdoor adventure and fun.  Sandbox features a full strength exciting attractions that give people the chance to appreciate outdoors.  You can ride on the giant swing, do the aerial walk challenge, a roller coaster zip line, go on rappelling, wall climbing, jumping off for the free fall in adventure tower, and other exciting games and sports that you definitely should try.

6. Miyamit Falls

If you are into adventure, Miyamit falls is an ideal place for you to visit.  It is also a place where native people such as Aetas teach you their ways in the wildlife.  You can experience the hurdles and inconveniences of trekking through the trails. Basically, before you trek, it is a must for a person to bring tons of water, start early, and keep the good vibes to make the adventure more fun.  If you plan to have some adventures in Miyamit falls, then summer is the best time to visit for a refreshing swim and trek.

These are the best things to do in Pampanga if you’re in town for just a few days. Happy travels!