I’ve learned a lot in my 20’s and I still have two more years until I hit 30.  That pivotal age when some people feel more lost than ever and do one of three things: panic, completely lose their shit or the worst one of all; force love and settle.  It’s almost customary for these lost souls to think the fun part of their life is over causing them to robotically and unenthusiastically “take the next step” in life even when it doesn’t quite feel right.

I am only 28 years young but I’ve seen enough people suffer through their 20’s only to settle for mediocracy in their 30’s.

My message to you is that life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle and it all starts with focusing on your greatest asset of all, time.  

Time gives us the opportunity to take big risks and make big mistakes.  However that opportunity undeniably diminishes the older we get.  Females have an internal clock to worry about when it comes to having children and others simply fear they have too much to risk without youth on their side.  The older we get the less likely we are to chase after those big dreams; the ones that bring true happiness.

Instead, people stay with the same company even when they are absolutely miserable for foolish enticement such as a matching 401k or because the thought of going back out into the job field to search for a new career is too horrifying.  The older we get the more we cling to comfort.  At first it feels good.  Finally, something stable after feeling unbalanced through the wild and chaotic mess of your 20’s.  But if you half assed it through your 20’s and held back from taking the necessary risks to achieve your dreams then you’ll eventually get to a point where you stop and say,

“Well, this will do.”

The one big life lesson for lost souls in their 20’s is to take the big risks when you’re young.  What do you really have to lose?  As soon as you cross over that threshold into your 30’s you’ll be surrounded by a whole lot of people that have decided to settle and then a select few that have endured the storm, stayed on track and found their personal treasure.  It’s up to you to decide how you want to spend the most fortuitous years of your life.  Whether you want to invest all your time and money into a crazy invention that you and your friends came up with in college, sell all your stuff to travel the world or hit the reset button altogether and move to a new city for a fresh start.

Whatever it may be, do it when time is on your side.

Do it before you’re tied down by a mortgage, daycare for the kids, car payments, life insurance, and those elephantine obligations that make even the heftiest student loans look easy.  With the clock in your corner you have the least amount to lose but as that gap closes, so does your window of opportunity to take the big risks.

Because it’s those catastrophic failures in your 20’s — that promising pyramid scheme that didn’t quite work out or the time you took a loan out to buy yourself a brand new BMW with your sad post grad salary — it’s these failures that will set you up for success in the future.

Without challenging failure you will only ever know safety and comfort.  Don’t take the next step only to cross it off your list in an attempt to catch up or match your peers.  Start looking at time differently because every passing moment is another opportunity to find your personal treasure.

Lost Souls – I dare you to be different.

I want to note that just because my target audience is directed at lost Souls in their 20’s doesn’t mean that this message isn’t applicable to you in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on.  It’s never to late to – Snap out of it and live free!