Finding the cheapest flights in the world has become more than a job or hobby of mine the past two years; it has become an art.  Last week I flew direct from New York to Stockholm for only $235 USD on Norwegian Airline.  I booked the flight only two months in advance and there were no hidden fees.  Last year I flew from New York to London for only $322 and even my last minute booking from Bangkok to New York was still only $473.  If I would have booked in advance I could have got that last flight down below $300.  Oh, and did I mention that I am flying from Spain to New York for the holidays for only $183!

Now it’s time for me to show you exactly how to find the cheapest flights in the world using a specific step by step process.  It’s not enough just to know which website to use – You need to follow my specific instructions exactly if you truly wish to find the cheapest flights in the world!  It’s easy and you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your upcoming international and domestic flights

You’ll see below that I used an example search for this article and I got these results on my very first attempt.  I found a direct flight in January 2017 from New York to Stockholm for only $139 USD.  Wow, that is one cheap flight!

Here is one secret I use to find the cheapest flights in the world.

This is my favorite website when I am looking for the cheapest flights in the world.  It is hands down the most flexible airline search engine out there.  But if you want to find the cheapest flights then you have to know exactly how to use the tools of the site otherwise you’ll find inflated prices like all the other generic flight sites.  My secret to using Skyscanner is to not be too specific in your search.  I’ll show you exactly what I mean in 5 easy steps.

  • Step 1:  Always start by searching for a “One Way” even if you know you want a round trip.  I’ve tried it both ways and I’ve always found cheaper flights by looking at two different one ways rather than a roundtrip.  At least this is the case with Skyscanner.

cheapest flights

  • Step 2:  If you are flying out of a popular hub like New York then simply type in NYC.  Don’t let them know that you would rather fly out of JFK than Newark  The less specific you are, the lower the prices are going to be.  *Never let the computer know that you are picky!
  • Step 3: Instead of typing in your destination airport or city; simply type the word “Everywhere”. This is without a doubt the most advantageous feature of Skyscanner.  It will search every airport in the world and organize the results by country and then by city.  You can type United States under From and Everywhere under To and instantly see where the cheapest flights are leaving from the United States to the rest of the countries around the world.  It is amazing!

Cheapest Flights Skyscanner

  • Step 4:  When selecting Depart make sure you select to search for an entire month. Never put the exact day you want to fly out on your first few searches.  Remember, always think general; never too specific.
  • Step 5:  Choose only 1 adult in the last box.  You can always go back and add other passengers but to start, searching for 1 adult shows the best results.

Below you will find all the screenshots of what my search looks like when looking for the cheapest flights to Sweden.  You’ll see it is the 8th cheapest country to fly to in my search.

cheapest flights in the world

Your home screen should look something similar to this.

Cheapest Flights Skyscanner

After you hit the “Search Flights” button on the main page you should see a screen that looks similar to this.

cheapest flights to sweden

Once you have selected your desired country you’ll choose which city you want to fly into.

cheapest flights skyscanner

Now you will be shown a month calendar and can see which days are cheapest to fly into. The beauty is, the computer has no idea which days you prefer!

cheapest flights skyscanner

Wow, a direct flight from New York to Stockholm for only $139 USD. You can’t get much cheaper than that!

My secret to finding the cheapest flights in the world is easy and effective.  I’ve been booking super cheap flights using this exact method on Skyscanner for the past two years.  If your travel dates are flexible then you are more likely to find the cheapest flights in the world but if you have to fly out on very specific dates to and from specific airports that’s fine, just don’t let Skyscanner know until the very last moment.

Happy travels and as always – Snap out of it and live free!