It’s hard to see the beauty that is sometimes buried deep inside a disastrous situation but once the smoke has cleared you can always find a piece of treasure that would never have been attained otherwise.  Having your heart broken might be awful tasting medicine but sometimes it is exactly what you need.

Initially it can feel like the most painful and traumatizing event to ever happen in your life.  It can leave you emotionally destroyed with red tear filled eyes distracted for weeks or even months as you binge watch Netflix bound to the sofa following a strict diet of pizza, potato chips, wine and ice cream.  You will cry and then curse at the mention of love.  But the storm always passes and a day comes when things start to get better.

It’s like dipping your toes in the ocean.  You’re afraid of the initial shock and every little step gets worse and worse until finally, you summon the courage to submerge your entire body under water and then all at once; it gets better.  Actually it gets better than before.  You feel refreshed.  You feel alive.  You feel renewed.  Once the sun begins to shine you can you look back to see the beauty and benefit of embracing the change.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

This article was inspired by an individual that I met during my travels.  They experienced a heart wrenching break up that left them with a broken heart shattered into a million pieces.  In addition, a very good friend showed me an epic video on my first night back in Barcelona after eight years.  It is titled, “How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps” and since he had lost a lot of weight since I’d last seen him I naturally assumed that he was going to show me something related.  However I was in for a surprise and now you are too.

It was posted by Esquire magazine in early 2016 and it comes with an artfully clever yet deceiving title.  There are very few movies, books, videos etc. that I instantly fall in love with but this is unquestionably one of them.  My goal is that you will reap the same benefit as I did watching this powerful and emotionally elaborate six minute video.  Now without further ado, here is the masterpiece written by Aaron Bleyaert and directed by Ben Berman.

3 Beautiful Things About Having Your Heart Broken


  • 1. You learn how to be alone without being lonely

After years of always having someone by your side day and night, you will undeniably feel lost and inordinately lonely at first.  But then, a day will come when you realize that being alone has given you the opportunity to fall in love with yourself and your passions that had slipped between the cracks over the years.  You learn that you have more time to dedicate to yourself, friends, family and even an opportunity to meet new people.  There will always be some individuals that are more dependent than others but even the most reliant need to be isolated sometimes if they wish to hear their inner voice that had been suppressed for too long.  If we know one thing on this earth, it is that our heart always speaks the truth.  Being alone gives us the greatest opportunity to listen to what it is we truly want and then have the time and courage to do something about it.

  • 2. You learn the relationship between patience and self worth

In a world filled with instant gratification we are constantly selling ourselves short.  We rush into relationships despite having the expiration date stamped on our forehead.  We all want to love and feel loved in return so we end up trading genuine compatibility for time.  It is so much more difficult to find love when you are desperately chasing after it.  Only once you learn to walk with patience will you attract a partner that is able to provide you with what you truly deserve.  Love is the strongest force in the universe so why settle for anything less than purity.  After you’ve had your heart broken and shattered into pieces you will be forced to put them back together.  In doing so you will not only become remarkably stronger but you will also be able to accurately measure your worth and never settle for anything less.

  • 3. You learn to say no

It never ceases to amaze me how many people stay in lousy relationships due to the fear of the unknown.  They would rather suffer through a relationship that they have already given up on because the idea of making a major transition is far more intimidating.  This is exactly why having your heart broken can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.  We learn that we in fact had the ability to say no all along.  Saying no to what we don’t want to welcome all the things that we do.  For whatever reason, waiting until the water boils over seems easier than just saying no.  However once you experience the result of a beautiful consequence you realize that the decision to change has always been within your reach.  Knowing this will give you the sophistication to never make the same mistake twice.

Having your heart broken is messy and painfully complicated but the best things in life shouldn’t come easy.  Surviving a broken heart will deliver an extraordinarily beautiful outcome.  I hope this video delivered the same message to you as it did to me.

 The only way to stop a storm is with the passage of time. Be strong and patient until the sun shines again.